Religious Cakes

Blue Chevron First Communion cake

Buttercream Confirmatoin cake

Silver accents

Buttercream blue and gold rosary

Gold flower ruffle

Light blue accents with rosary

Light blue & brown Communion cake

Blue mosaic

First Communion

Christening cake

Confirmation naked cake with flowers

Buttercream rosette cake

Light blue First Communion cake

Gumpaste flowers

Gold dots & navy stripes

Confirmation cake

Blue baptism

Purple buttercream rosettes

Pink buttercream ombre

Navy blue accents

Purple First Communion cake

Buttercream blue & purple

Cascade of white flowers cake

Black scroll work

Gold stripes

Buttercream rosette cross

Pink ruffle ombre

Royal blue and white

Multi-coloured rosettes

Navy and whtie Communion cake

Pink ombre ruffle with flowers

Navy & grey


Gold ruffle rose

Blue with bow

Stencilled bottom

Baby blue

Blue stained glass & pleats

Peach flowers cake

Pale pink


Blue ombre ruffle

Naked cake

White & silver Confirmation cake

Peach ombre First Communion

First Communion cake

Ruffled Confirmation cake

Baby baptism


Confirmation cake


Confirmation cake

Buttercream Confirmation cake

Pink Ombre Baptism

Buttercream rosettes and fondant


Elegant baptism

Green buttercream First Communion


Blue & purple First Communion

Blue & silver First Communion

Boy's Confirmation

Blue baptism

Purple Baptism

Pink First Communion

Buttercream First Communion

Black and white Confirmation

First Communion

First Communion

Christening Cake

Blue First Communion


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