All baked goods, buttercreams and fillings are made from scratch using high quality ingredients such as real butter and pure vanilla.


Decorated Sugar Cookies: Unless otherwise requested cookies provided will be vanilla sugar cookies. Other flavours available are chocolate, red velvet and brown sugar & spice. Sugar cookies are decorated using royal icing. 

Cake Pops: Chocolate and vanilla cake.

Chocolate  Covered Sandwich Cookies, Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods & Chocolate Lollipops:  Cookies can be made with various sandwich cookies (i.e. Oreo, Pirate or Fudgee-O).

Cake  flavours:
Regular: chocolate, vanilla, marble
Premium: banana, red velvet, strawberry, carrot, lemon, maple, mocha

Regular Buttercream: chocolate, vanilla, cookies 'n' cream

Premium Buttercreams: dulce de leche, cream cheese, chocolate cream cheese, maple, banana, espresso, raspberry, strawberry, lemon
Premium Swiss Meringue: vanilla, chocolate, white chocolate, strawberry, raspberry
Other Premium flavours: chocolate ganache, vanilla custard, real whipped cream & strawberries​, raspberry coulis, chocolate chip cookie dough


Allergy note: Although my cake and cookie recipes are nut free, my kitchen is not. I do not offer gluten free options.

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