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Cakes: As all orders are custom prepared, pricing varies, although cakes generally start at $80 for a 6" round and $130 for an 8" round, serving approximately 24 based on a 1" x 2" slice. Two tier cakes  start at $220, for approximately 40 servings.

Samples:  With time permitting, cake flavour samples are available as cupcakes and are chargeable at $40 for 6 cupcakes, including up to 3 flavours of cake. However, once a cake order (minimum value $300) is placed, the sample cost will be deducted from the total order amount.

Decorated Sugar Cookies:  Pricing depends on the size and details of the design. Pricing starts at $50 for 12 cookies.  Individual packaging is an additional $5/12 cookies.  

"Paint Your Own" cookies: Large  4 1/4" x 3 3/4" vanilla sugar cookie! Great holiday treat, or for party loot bags. Individually wrapped and includes paint brush and 'paints'.  Just use a little water and paint away. Then, eat your artwork! To order, minimum of 6 is required.  $6.00 each

"Paint Your Own" Name cookies: Each letter is 2"tall and includes a paint 'palette' cookie and paint brush.  Pricing is $3.00 + $1.50/letter. Minimum order is 6 sets. 


Cupcakes: Start at $3.00 each without toppers, $3.50+ each with toppers. To order, a minimum of 12 per flavour is required.  Individual packaging is available.


Cake Pops: Chocolate or vanilla cake only. Start at $3.00 each decorated with sprinkles or swirls of chocolate.  For custom pops, pricing starts at $3.50 each.  Individual packaging is an additional $5/12 cake pops.  To order, a minimum of 12 per flavour is required.  


Chocolate covered sandwich cookies and Chocolate Lollipops start at $3.00 each for milk or white chocolate.  The addition of another colour (i.e. text) is an extra 50 cents per item. Individual packaging is an additional $5/12 items  To order, a minimum of 12 is required.


Chocolate covered pretzel rods start at $2.25 each. Includes one colour swirls of chocolate or sprinkle decoration.   Individual packaging is an additional $5/12 pretzels.  To order, a minimum of 12 is required.


Payment:  Full payment at time of order by e-transfer, of which 50% is non-refundable, with contactless porch pick up.  Cancellations will mean forfeiture of deposit. Bookings are only guaranteed once payment is received.


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