Teens & Adults Celebration Cakes

Maker's Mark cake

Evil Queen cake

Jack Daniels Barrel cake

Led Zeppelin themed cake

Tim Hortons Iced Capp cake

Red Bowtie cake

Race car themed cake

Teremana bottle gift box cake

Golf themed Retirement cake

Firefighter Retirement cake

Pink ombre with real flowers

Buttercream with real flowers topper

Buttercream Retirement cake

Chanel cake

Pink Ruffle cake with Gold Flakes

Buttercream Green Watercolour cake

Unicorn cake

Maxine cake

Pink Buttercream cake

Gold Drip cake with Macarons

Chocolate Overload Sweet 16

Teacher Retirement cake

Chocolate Overload cake

Princess Peach cake

Sports themed birthday cake

Starbucks coffee mug cake

FC Barcelona soccer cake

Barrel cake

Starbucks buttercream cake

Rose Gold Sequin cake

Star Wars cake

1950's rock and roll birthday

Edible Image Birthday cake

The Boss & the Blue Jays 50th cake

Sewing themed cake

Nightmare Before Christmas

Gravity defying Pouring Beer

Sephora & Victoria's Secret cake

Toronto Maple Leafs jersey cake

Woodland animal theme cake

Hollywood Walk of Fame cake

Detroit Red Wings cake

Harley Davidson cake


Pink and black cake

White MG

Harley Davidson themed cake

Gucci cake

Dr. Who tardis cake

Blue & purple watercolour cake

Stormtrooper cake

Peach roses cake

Ombre birthday cake

Sprinkle 18th Birthday cake

DJ turntaable cake

Kate Spade themed cake

Elegant 18th Birthday

Victoria Secret/Sephora cake

Lexus 3D

Sweet 16 buttercream cake

Boating cake

Elegant White flowers

Honda Accord 3D cake

Purple, turquoise & silver birthday

Cottage Lakeside

VW van cake

High heel shoe cake


Roll of film/clapper board cake

Steelers football

Corvette tire cake

WIne bottle crate

Pink Floyd themed cake

Fire hose cake

Black stiletto shoe

The Doctor motorcycle racing

Running shoes themed cake

Elegant cake

Golfer cake

40th Birthday cake

Chef on his fishing boat cake

Coach purse birthday cake

Bon Jovi fan Birthday cake

21 Number Cake

Pink, black and white 40th Birthday

Sexy doctor cake

It's a Teenager's Life Birthday

Firefighter/hunter birthday cake

Camouflage cake

Star Wars

Johnnie Walker bottle cake

Silhouette single tier

Xbox Call of Duty Birthday cake

Arborist birthday cake

Buttercream present

Pharmacist cake

Diver/outdoors theme birthday

Cigar box birthday


Sweet 16 Birthday cake

Buttercream rosettes cake

Volleyball & movies Sweet 16

Ruffles roses 75th Birthday

Silver high heel shoe birthday

Nobody Likes You Birthday

Musical birthday

Buttercream rosette

Gift box

Grand Opening

70th Birthday with roses birthday

Tiffany box cake

The Beatles

Soccer/Hawaii Five-0 Sweet 16

Haunted House Sweet 16

Shopping bags and make up cake

Pink gift box

Musical with flowers

Zebra stripe with wine bottle

Stolichnaya bottle cake

Golfing with the boys birthday cake

Stacked books cake

Gold accents Sweet 16

Buttercream 40th Birthday

50th Birthday on Fire

Chive on birthday

BBQ cake

Teapot cake

Michael Kors purse cake

Minion & Wild thing birthday

Hockey Jersey birthday cake

Little Lamb all Grown Up

Director's Clapper board

Micrometer cake

Karate birthday cake

Card player cake

BBQ cake

Louis Vuitton purse cake

Scroll work Sweet 16


Guitar player

Pretty Birthday cake

Tiffany box birthday cake

Disco themed birthday cake

Richmond HIll Riot jersey cake

Black & Red corset

2 tier Fisherman cake

Starbucks coffee


Red carpet cake

Truck cake

Ice Fisherman cake

Jeff's truck 50th birthday cake


Pretty birtrhday cake with flower

Michael Kors & Tiffany box

Shopping bag cake

Zebra stripe with wine bottle

Toronto Blue Jays cake

Buttercream multi-colour

Giant rose cake

Blue and silver corset

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